Thursday, June 24, 2004


Today i am going to discuss my dog, Bennett. For those of you who want to know Bennett is a purebred (, i looked at the shelter first i swear, but i didnt want a pitbull)papillon, this breed is similar to the longhaired chihuahua but older and hairer with much much bigger ears! You will see plenty of pics of bennett once i have time to scan them! Bennett(benny) is black and white is one year old and is currently sitting on my lap wondering why i am not plastering my blog with pictures of him! Yes he is vain,yes he is spoiled but he really is a sweetheart and once he undergoes a bit of training he will be a therpy dog, which i am sure he will enjoy! here is some info on the breed, they are wonderful dogs! if you are interested in adopting please please make sure they are the right dog for you and you will be able to keep them healthy and happy thier entire lives!
Look for a pap rescue group in the area before searching for a breeder, and look at your shelter first the oerfect dog may be there and you can save his/her life and please please please spay or neuter your animals!! It will make you life as well as thiers much more plesant!!
edited beacuse i forgot the link... DUH


Blogger Laura said...

Hi Jocelyn!

sorry I didn't respond to your email the other day, but honestly, I thought it was the Icebleu Jocelyn having fun with me. She's got a wacky sense of humor, and would be up to the prank. Glad to know you're a real person! and a blogger to boot. Can't wait to see the pictures of the pooch!


June 24, 2004 at 4:52 PM  

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