Tuesday, June 15, 2004

A little about me...

Today we will disscuss mui, My name is Jocelyn Caven, But i go by Gum. I have a dog, his name is Bennett, Bennett is a one year old highly spoiled papillon. I have a family, it consists of My Mom( jill) and my brother (jackson) My father (jeff) currently lives in new mexico. I was born and raised in new mexico, my parentgs lived there for about 18 yrs and i have lived thier my entire life ( 13 years) well thats me. As well as we just rented a house in gig harbor washington!! HOORAY!!
Now on to the fun stuff...
I am currently knitting,
Dishclothes ( for the new house)
Critter Blankies ( for the knitt a thon) i have 5 finished and two more on the needles
On the to be knit next list
Headkerchiefs for me
Poncho from knitting pretty
Seamless shell
Sweater from knitting pretty
More dishclothes
I am currently Crocheting
I am teaching myself again, its tougher than knitting, i think
I am still Learning, my madre( mum, mom) is teaching me
I do actually cook, but we dont have our kitchen set up as we are moving, but you will see recipies for baked goods an stuff like that
Have a fun day!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So great to *meet* you on your blog! My Grandmothers family was from albequerque, New Mexico, (I know that isn't spelled right, is it?)and we used to visit there when my children were little...it is beautiful! I will post the doggie cape pattern on my blog tomorrow,
just for YOU, since you asked!

June 15, 2004 at 3:49 PM  

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