Thursday, August 26, 2004

Blog changes

Hi everybody!

I just thought i ought to tell you that my friend, Aleah will also be making posts on this blog, so be as nice to her as you are to me!

You will hear more about my astoria adventures tomorrow but this is just a quickie update
Bye for now


Monday, August 23, 2004

Weekend Update


Here is what wne on over the weekend, i went and stayed at a tacoma motel 6 last night, can you say eeww!

other events in no particular order:

! : I went and picked up my school class list, i got photography as well as glass arts and yuck, video production, i want to change that, i will bear with it the fist few days than parhaps try to change it

! : another thing i noticed, unless i suddenly become tall thin blonde and scandanivian ( no offense to any scandinavians) i will have rather a time fitting in

! :i wish abercrombie would turn thier music down

! :i went shopping today,what did i get?
at old navy : a purple t shirt that reads : tastes like butta'
A pink shirts that says, i cant drive, a blue one that reads egg-celents with a little walking egg on it,two flashdance-esque ts and tank tops to go under them, lots of other shirts i dont remember what will list when i get to my moms house,
At abercrombie:
two pairs of jeans one light blue faded, one darker
a mini skirt, they had a mini that i tried on that barley covered my *** fill in the blanks

! : went school supply shopping, got everything i needed, bought a graphing calculator, i mean a 150 dollar graphing calculator! wow expensive much!

i went to the vet with my dog and it turns out he has a very slight heart murmur, nothing to worry about though, he also got shots and his nails clipped

it was a fun weekend, you might get to see modleing pics next week
I get to see my best friend in astoria, and need yarn for the four hour drive! will see what i can do!
see you guys later


Friday, August 20, 2004


The good news, i finished the poncho, the bad news it is huge
I am too deppressed by this disaster to say anything else,

bye now

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Finish line in sight

i am about 8 inches into the second piece, i think i made the first one a bit short so when they are both the same length than i shall be finished, then comes the seaming, i could do this in the car on the way to seattle tomorrow but i probably wont, i will finish it here at home and then wear it about down town seattle, i also get to go school shopping, supplies and some clothes as well as my dad is looking for apartment spaces and then the most fun thing of the day, i get to go to the orthodontist and not be able to eat for a couple of days! woop de doo, but of course i get to go to hilltop yarns and hopefully get yarn for another poncho, ( yes i am obsesed,whatcha gonna do about it hmm?) why, its cheape than a sweater, faster than a sweater and i can wear then in any season, there are several to choose from, one uses the new manos del uruguay cotton yarn stria, another rowan all seasons cotton another some other yarn and the final one, koigu! i dont know it will indeed be a tough choice, it really depends on what fits, difficulty and if i like the yarn and style, thay are all in about the same price range, i am looking forward to spoiling my secret pal, and hope they enjoy the things i send them, as for my secret pal, i will be posting a list soon as well as allergies, and likes and dislikes, if you read my blog there is some subtle and not so subtle hinting to be found. Later in the month, on monday to be precise i go back to gig harbor to go to get my school schedule as well as Bennett goes to the vet, i will also be taking pictures of the poncho,bennett and any yarn that comes my way, peace be with you

Monday, August 16, 2004

One down, One to go!

I finished one piece of the mini poncho and while i may not cast on for the second piece till tomorrow should have it finished before i go back to hilltop yarns, about the guage problem i talked to one of the wonderful hilltop ladies and she told me i needed to tighten up on the 10s, or loosen up on the nines, i tired both and ended up tightening up on the 10s, i really like this yarn and think it is perfect for this pattern. it has beautiful drape, and i can attest to its durability having ripped it out 6 diffrent times, i will post a picture of it as well as the next project i hope to buy from hilltop, my dad refuses to buy me yarn for another project until i finish this one, it includes koigu though! yeah for koigu!

See you guys later

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Guage Rage !!!

I am indeed having trouble getting guage with my poncho kit, the stitch guage required is 3.65 sts to the inch, when you multiply by four you get 14.6 so i cast on fifteen and instyead of getting four when i meaure width, on 9s i get 3.5 inches, on 10s i get 5 inches RAHHHH what do i do?? i want to cast on today and parhaps the yarn shop will call back and tell me what to do!
thanx for any advice

Friday, August 13, 2004



I am temporarily back to my blog, you will notice the new layout and more changes will come once i get back to gig harbor,some yarn purhcase updates, i went to hilltop yarns yesterday ( ) and it is my new fav yarn shop love it! i get to go back today, yes i am obsessed tahnx for noticing, bu it is buy my orthodontist so i may get to go there about every six weeks or so! so what did i buy, i could tell you on the morrow but i dislike it when people do that so here is what i got, a kit for the decidedly hilltop mini poncho and one skein of blue heron yarns cotton rayone seed, in colorway deep copper, it is mainly copper with some patina turqouise thrown in as well as purple greens and pinks, i was about 8 inches into the first piece and i had to rip it all out, and i m still untangling the yarn, but i should have it re cast on and going on the way to seattle, i have an excuse for going back, i need a yarn needle, yup a yarn :cough:koigu:cough: needle see you guys later!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Secret Pals III

I signed up for Secret Pals 3!!, my dad is in utah and should be in washington by tonight and we will be with him tomorrow and then i dont know what will happen i will try to post as much as i can whilst i am away and you guys might be able to hear yarn purchases and some pictures of fos, and it will be fun! See you guys later


Saturday, August 07, 2004

Excuses Excuses

I am feeling guilty about being a yarn snob, after all i am a broke teenager with little budget for anything, i do have an excuse i knit with acrylic, on ocasion but afterwards mt hands hurt so badly i very rarley do this and indeed i do not need carpal tunnel syndrome by the time i am 20, so i stick to natural fibers or blends, but i really do prefer natural fibers!
lets see in other knitting news i started a shawl in some yellow plant dyed yarn, (Amy if you are reading this i swear upon pain of death i will get that yarn sent out ok, i am so sorry for the wait lots of other stuff has been going on! ) it should be finished in a few days! My dad is officially on the road he should be here in the next few days. We are going to go to neumorus yarn shops in washington, also in other news i joined the flower power crochet along and that pattern and yarn shall be purchased on the expeditions as well as some mission falls for yarn harlots ( lovley poncho as well. I also hope to find a sutible drop spindle and some roving as well as some sock yarn, i may even be able to post pics, fancy that!! what else lets see, i slammed my head on the computer ( not on purpose mind you) it still hurts to raise my eyebrows and show emotion, as well as i cannot bend over as that hurts as well, if it still hurts like this tomorrowoff to the doctor i shall go! this lovlet grey weather is rather depressing, in other mews i found a place that still has charlottes web kits, i know they have excellent service having ordered from them, no offilation just a satisfied customer. If anyone would like to out of the kindness of thier heart would like to buy me one, i like the purple colorway! ;) just kidding you dont have to buy me anything but i would like it very much! see you guys later and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Moving on Up!

My dad is moving to the seattle area!! this is a good thing,we are going to drive around washington and then i have more than a week back at home, then back to school, not exactly excited about going back considering this is a new school and i have never met anyone there before, yup easy peezy, so lets see i am looking at this womans ebay store and i am liking the spindle kits she sell, oh yeah didnt i tell you guys, i am going to learn to spin on a drop spindle, but this is where i need some help, how much yarn will half a pound of roving make if spun at worsted weight? sock weight?? bulky weight? as well as are this womans roving are they outrageous for the price? or should i be buying fleece what should i do help me!! i know to get a top whorl spondlke and i understand somewhat how to use them so all of my questions are now about wool, in knitting news i will be going to some of washingtons better yarn shops as well as a couple of the best, yesterday i baked cookies, they are chocolate chip oatmeal bar cookies, the recipe is from the quaker oatmeal lid, i hope you guys have a nice day!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Yarn snob

I have just come to the conclusion that i am a bit o a yarn snob, broke as i may be which i am, i will only knit with natural fiber yarns, of a wool acrylic blens where the acrylic outnumbers the wool, i have found this to not be so hard as many sweaters that can be unraveled are wool, or wool silk blends or other wool blends. I have decided that if no one is willing to part with fiv skeins of koigu for a charlotte, i might take something else, , this pattern which can be found at, its the floral mini poncho, as well as sutible yarn, in the right amount to make one poncho and and a crochet hook , the size used in the pattern. if you have anything else you might consider trading please do tell, i know i am being very very specific here, but i am broke and would like only to have yarn and patterns i would use. i look forward to peoples items and thank you for reading this blog.
in other knitting news i succesfully created a six stitch front twist cable last night, snaps for Jocelyn ( anyone who has seen leagally blonde two will know what i am talking about!) see yall later,
Ps sorry about yesterdays post with the dorky title, it was all i could think of, ciao

Monday, August 02, 2004

Attractive, 5 foot brunette w/blue eyes seeks charlotte for love and.. ehem knitting

i am still looking for a charlotte, web kit, i have no specifcations, just that it be 5 skeins of koigu and include a pattern dont care about colors, but ( blues purple greens are prefered) but if you got browns i will take them! please please please please !!! they yarn for trade is the aformentioned shetland wool!! leave comment if interested


I finished my colinette wrap!! i wont be able to show you right now as i have no way to get pics on my computer!!it is collinette chrysalis in colorway neptune, pattern ??? i really dont know, but it certainly is pretty! i am looking for a charlotte web, i dont care about color at all! it could be funky whatever! what do i have to trade hmm
lets see one fair isle sweaters worth of shetland wool,
terra cotta
med purple
light purple
grey and a little bit of yellow
please please please leave a comment if you are interested