Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Finish line in sight

i am about 8 inches into the second piece, i think i made the first one a bit short so when they are both the same length than i shall be finished, then comes the seaming, i could do this in the car on the way to seattle tomorrow but i probably wont, i will finish it here at home and then wear it about down town seattle, i also get to go school shopping, supplies and some clothes as well as my dad is looking for apartment spaces and then the most fun thing of the day, i get to go to the orthodontist and not be able to eat for a couple of days! woop de doo, but of course i get to go to hilltop yarns and hopefully get yarn for another poncho, ( yes i am obsesed,whatcha gonna do about it hmm?) why, its cheape than a sweater, faster than a sweater and i can wear then in any season, there are several to choose from, one uses the new manos del uruguay cotton yarn stria, another rowan all seasons cotton another some other yarn and the final one, koigu! i dont know it will indeed be a tough choice, it really depends on what fits, difficulty and if i like the yarn and style, thay are all in about the same price range, i am looking forward to spoiling my secret pal, and hope they enjoy the things i send them, as for my secret pal, i will be posting a list soon as well as allergies, and likes and dislikes, if you read my blog there is some subtle and not so subtle hinting to be found. Later in the month, on monday to be precise i go back to gig harbor to go to get my school schedule as well as Bennett goes to the vet, i will also be taking pictures of the poncho,bennett and any yarn that comes my way, peace be with you


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