Thursday, August 05, 2004

Moving on Up!

My dad is moving to the seattle area!! this is a good thing,we are going to drive around washington and then i have more than a week back at home, then back to school, not exactly excited about going back considering this is a new school and i have never met anyone there before, yup easy peezy, so lets see i am looking at this womans ebay store and i am liking the spindle kits she sell, oh yeah didnt i tell you guys, i am going to learn to spin on a drop spindle, but this is where i need some help, how much yarn will half a pound of roving make if spun at worsted weight? sock weight?? bulky weight? as well as are this womans roving are they outrageous for the price? or should i be buying fleece what should i do help me!! i know to get a top whorl spondlke and i understand somewhat how to use them so all of my questions are now about wool, in knitting news i will be going to some of washingtons better yarn shops as well as a couple of the best, yesterday i baked cookies, they are chocolate chip oatmeal bar cookies, the recipe is from the quaker oatmeal lid, i hope you guys have a nice day!


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