Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Yarn snob

I have just come to the conclusion that i am a bit o a yarn snob, broke as i may be which i am, i will only knit with natural fiber yarns, of a wool acrylic blens where the acrylic outnumbers the wool, i have found this to not be so hard as many sweaters that can be unraveled are wool, or wool silk blends or other wool blends. I have decided that if no one is willing to part with fiv skeins of koigu for a charlotte, i might take something else, , this pattern which can be found at http://www.stitchdiva.com, its the floral mini poncho, as well as sutible yarn, in the right amount to make one poncho and and a crochet hook , the size used in the pattern. if you have anything else you might consider trading please do tell, i know i am being very very specific here, but i am broke and would like only to have yarn and patterns i would use. i look forward to peoples items and thank you for reading this blog.
in other knitting news i succesfully created a six stitch front twist cable last night, snaps for Jocelyn ( anyone who has seen leagally blonde two will know what i am talking about!) see yall later,
Ps sorry about yesterdays post with the dorky title, it was all i could think of, ciao


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