Friday, September 03, 2004

Secret Pal Q & A

Here are my secret pal question answers, if you dont want to read about my allergies, sorry thats really all i have to post about today!

1.Are you a yarn snob? Yes complete and utter yarn snob
2.Do you spin? Crochet? yes i know how to spin, do i own a spindle? no
3.Do you have any allergies? unless you want to know about a bunch of of pollen related allergies, just coconut and smoke
4.How long have you been knitting? nine of 10 months i started feb 2004
5.Do you have a Amazon or other online wishlist? Nope
6.What is your favorite scent? Roses, or lemon
7.Do you have a sweet tooth? you bet
8.What other crafts/diy stuff do you do? i sew, learning to embroider, and i cook
9.What kind of music do you like? can your computer/stereo play cds? I dont listen to much music, no
10.Whats you favorite color/color pallette/season? I love blues, greens,and purples, i like varigateds better than solid, i am a winter
11.Whats your family situation? Do you have any pets? i do not feel comfy disscusing that here, (no offense to anybody) i have a dog, his name is bennett, he is a purebred papillon
12.What are your life dreams? To go to law school and eventually become a succesful
tourte lawyer
13.What are your favorite yarns to knit with? I LOVE handpainted non acrylic yarns, koigu, schaeffer, and any others you can think of that are soft and warm and multicolor
14.What fibers do you absolutley do Not like? ACRYLIC!!! Evil it is, hurts my hands
15.what is/are your current knitting obsessions? Ponchos, i really want to knit either a keepsake or a charlottes web shawl, i love shawls and ponchos
16.what is/are your favorite items to knit? shawls and ponchos
17.what are you knitting right now? a hat for my brother
18.what do you think about ponchos? LOVE them
19.straight or circular needles? i love my denise, circular!
20.How did you learn to knit? i took a private lesson
21.How old is your oldest ufo? about 3 weeks